Case study


Find the perfect car for you at Digicars. Schedule appointments from the app to see your favorite cars and complete the entire personalized process.

The challenge

Design a mobile application for Digicars that is intuitive, organized and navigable. With the objective of helping users find the perfect car for them, through the different functions included in the app.

The methodology

To develop this project, a specialized methodology was implemented, which consisted of carrying out a process of research and discovery of user needs, which helped form the architecture and subsequent design of the app.

User research and analysis of the requirements.
Research findings.
Information arquitecture and wireframes.
UI discovery and design.


The redesign of the Kukin app was focused on including new functionalities and designing each screen in a more orderly, hierarchical and pleasant way, with the aim of giving users a better user experience.


Our proposals

• We added sections that will help the user quickly schedule an appointment and view their scheduled appointments, saving them search time in that flow.

• 360º photos were included for a better detail of the car.

• It includes labels that recommend that car according to the interest questionnaire taken at the beginning.

• Organized section of information about banks that can finance that car.




Our proposals

• We show expandable cards with main information of the appointment, this to avoid overloading the screen with elements.

• It includes a progress bar that tells the user how many documents they have uploaded, and how many they still have to upload.

• It offers a contact section, in case you need help with the process.

• At the end of the process, it offers the user a detailed summary that indicates who their assigned salesperson is and the location through Google Maps.