Case study

McCorry UX Branding

Updating the brand image and logo will help this timber industry establish a strong and recognizable presence, as well as position itself in the market.

The challenge

Redesign McCorry's logo and brand image, with the aim of making it memorable, attractive and consistent, which resonates with its users through the various points of contact with the company.

The methodology

To successfully redesign the logo, we followed a methodology that consisted of conducting prior research about the objectives of the timber industry and the needs of its users. The methodology included:

User research and analysis of the requirements.
Moodboard of styles and logo proposals.
Logo applications.
Brand Book.


With this project, we were able to give new life to the McCorry logo. We modernized it and provided a new perspective, aimed at visual elements that reflected wood and care for the environment.



Logo refresh

• We defined new figures that allow the logo to be represented as a symbol of strenght, nature and innovation, giving a refreshened vibe.

• The graphic line was aligned with a specific appearance: the forests, the wood and the strength of the wood.

Brand Book