Case study


Redesign of technological solutions website. Enjoy a wide range of services, from application development, system implementation and consulting.

The challenge

Redesign CITI's desktop and mobile website in an intuitive and user-friendly way. With the aim of helping users understand what the platform is about and inviting them to stay on it longer.

The methodology

To redesign the CITI platform, we used a specialized methodology that consisted of doing prior research, an extraction of insights, a UX Writing workshop and the construction of the new UI design.

User research and analysis of the requirements.
Research findings.
UX Writing.
UI discovery and design.


The redesign of CITI's web platform was focused on helping users understand the message conveyed by the page so that they can stay on it. As well as organize and update information within the site.



Our proposals

• We defined a new style for the website based on an elegant, formal, serious, flexible, dynamic and inspiring appearance.

• We standardize and redesign elements and components of the website seeking to convey consistency and accessibility on the page.


Our proposals

• We add a consistent banner to the style and appearance of the website.

• We approve and add writing according to the brand's personality and tone.

• We arranged the sections in order of importance and added new ones that also include information about the company.

• We emphasize the certifications and associations CITI has had, placing the most important ones first.

• We added a new display style to the timeline of CITI's history and important milestones, helping the user quickly and accurately see what was accomplished in each year.

• We show the “Why CITI” section in a simpler and more readable way for users.