Case study

Kukin app

Redesign of the most complete social cooking app. Enjoy the improvements that this new version brings. Search and create recipes, menus and grocery lists more efficiently.

The challenge

Redesign and develop the Kukin mobile application in an intuitive, friendly and pleasant way, offering a better design, better user experience, ease of use and new functions.

The methodology

To carry out the redesign and development of the application, we followed a specialized methodology that consisted of creating and analyzing the site map to understand the flow and be able to design based on it.

Analysis of the requirements.
Site map.
UI discovery and design.
Development and QA.


The redesign of the Kukin app was focused on including new functionalities and designing each screen in a more orderly, hierarchical and pleasant way, with the aim of giving users a better user experience.


Our proposals

• We changed the size of the recipe cards, font size, hierarchy and some colors, to create consistency between them.

• We organized the main tabs section and changed the name of some, so that users can find the information better.

• We built small buttons so that users can go see all the recipes in a category.

• We organized the nav bar by adding one more section, so that users can find each area more quickly.



Our proposals

• We add the image or video adjusted to the size available in the application to generate consistency and a good design.

• We organize the most important information as hashtags, to tell the user at first glance what the recipe is about.

• We organize the ingredients, utensils and preparation in aligned tabs, so that users can have better accessibility to these areas.

• We show more clearly how to add the ingredients to the grocery list, as well as how to rate the recipe.