Case study

Kukin Branding

Establishment of a professional and solid position in the market through the redesign of Kukin's brand image and logo.

The challenge

Redesign the Kukin logo and brand image to ensure standardized representation, seamless reproduction, and adaptability across diverse mediums. The objective is to create a memorable, attractive, and consistently applied visual identity.

The methodology

To redesign the logo and create a successful brand image, a specialized methodology was followed that consisted of carrying out prior research and analysis of the requirements, with the aim of arriving at an appropriate brand manual.

Analysis of the requirements.
Styles and logo proposals.
Logo applications.
Brand Book.


With the redesign of the logo and the update of the brand, it was possible to provide a more professional and consistent image of Kukin.



Logo refresh

• An isologue was defined that represents the idea of the kitchen as a free, creative and dynamic space, expressing the personalization of any recipe.

• The Rozanova typography was chosen because it was functional, legible, dynamic, recognizable and with a lot of personality.

Brand Book