Case study

Kukin web

Enjoy the new version of the Kukin website. See all the new things we bring to you, accompanied by an innovative design.

The challenge

Redesign and develop the Kukin website, with the aim of creating an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that invites users to download the application.

The methodology

In the process of revamping the Kukin website, we employed a specialized methodology that involved a thorough analysis of user objectives and interactions across each screen. The primary goal was to execute an effective User Interface (UI) design

Analysis of the requirements.
Research findings.
UI discovery and design.
Development and QA.


The redesign of Kukin's website was focused on creating more accessible screens and flows for users, with the goal of inviting them to download the application.


Our proposals

• We create consistency throughout the entire website, through changing card sizes, colors, fonts and elements.

• We added food elements throughout the entire page in a more proportional way.

• We include shorter, more direct, and clear information, so that the user can know what that section is about in a simpler and faster way.

• We organized the information so that the user could see the most important information that invited them to download the app.




Our proposals

• We incorporated recipe category tabs that were not only more comprehensible but also seamlessly integrated with the overall website design.

• We revamped the recipe cards, incorporating additional information and functionalities to enhance the user experience.