Case study

Morada Uno

Be the best real estate professional with tools that provide agility, security and efficiency to your operations, offering a better experience.

The challenge

Create a brandbook that helps MoradaUno establish a solid and consistent image through different channels and media including their website, app, digital and printed materials, etc.

The methodology

To accomplish successfully this project we used our own methodology that consisted in the understanding of the stakeholders needs, their brand, and target audience. All these, provided the necessary tools for the design of a strong and solid brandbook.

User research and benchmarking.
Research findings.
Visual exploration and moodboarding
Design and applications


This brandbook allowed stakeholders to have a clear guide to how their brand should be managed in different channels and media, helping also the consolidation of a strong and consistent brand all across their operation.


M1App Dashboard V1

M1App Dashboard V2

M1App Mobile Screens

Several screens were made in both mobile and desktop versions in order to show how the UI KIT should be applied in digital systems. Additionally, the key components of each screen were delivered at the atomic level with the intention of replicating screens much easier.


We created a quality UI checklist for future designers that join the project. This would give them a clear and coherent view of how to build and check each one of the new screens that are made.