Case study

RBN RightBrain Networks

A clear example of how AI tools such as Midjourney can help achieve the “WOW” factor in the construction and design of websites.

The challenge

Redesign and develop an intuitive, nice and navigable website for RBN that incorporates the look and feel of their new brand image and promotes the content they are creating on a daily basis to strengthen their community.

The methodology

To accomplish successfully this project we used our own methodology that consisted in understanding deeply the need of the users and natural flow of the website to create a user based natural solution. The methodology included:

User research and analysis of the requirements.
Information arquitecture, userflows, and wireframes.
UI discovery and design.
Development and QA.


With the help of Midjourney AI we achieved a retro-futuristic look and feel that supports RBN brand. Also we developed a clean and intuitive user interface based on the user natural flow.


Our proposals

• We changed the banner for a new one that was more likely to the look and feel of the brand.

• We gave more importance to the content produced by RBN which was one of the client requirements.

• We builded a sense of community by adding direct access to RBN discord and events.

• We emphasize RBN work with a big and impacting section in the homepage.



Our proposals

• New content hub that gathers all their content in one site.

• Trending topics on social media and upcoming events on discord.

• Wide image gallery of RBN day to day.