January 4, 2023

Why is asthetic design important?


Why is asthetic design important?

In the early days of computing, people used computer screens and interface designs that were functional, but not always pretty. The goal of UI design was to make it easy for people to use the computer and do their tasks. Later, when graphical user interfaces (GUIs) became more common, the look and feel of UI design became very important.

One reason there's been a change in how people use computers is because of the rise of smartphones and tablets. People are using these devices to interact with digital products on small screens. That means designers have to make the most of the space on these devices, and the UI has to be visually appealing as well as functional.

Designing a user interface that looks attractive can help a company stand out in a competitive market.

The use of flat design, minimalism, and other design trends has helped make UI design more visual appealing and easier to use. This means that UI designs are simpler and have less clutter, which can make them easier to use and look nicer.

The look and feel of the user interface (UI) reflects how people use technology today. As we increasingly rely on digital products and services, the UI will have a greater impact on how we feel and think about our technology.

Ana Paola Barrientos