A Pixel Perfect Mindset
& a Passion for Innovation

A Pixel Perfect Mindset & a Passion for Innovation

We are makers. We harness the power of designing our future through digital innovation. The Pixel mindset is all about humanizing technology, about creating new connections, impacting lives, and disrupting markets by bringing ideas into live.

We face every challenge with curiosity, creativity, openness, and engagement. We combine a data driven and analytical approach, with imagination, passion, creativity, and unique talent. We create pixel perfect platforms of the highest quality, achieving scalable, disruptive products that seek out to fuel change.
We are future minded, always embracing new possibilities. We think big, and act fast, while keeping track of each detail, always at the pixel level.

We are Pixeleans.

How it all

How it all started

In 2016, our founder María had been doing UXconsultancy for several companies, and realizedthat even though design is at the core of each app it seemed like an afterthought for most software companies. BluePixel was born to challenge that, and the rest is history

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Meet our leadership team

BluePixel is formed out of 50+ members who are driven by their passion and talent for crafting outstanding digital products

María de Buen

María de Buen

Founder and CEO

Alejandra Urrutia

Alejandra Urrutia

Co-Founder and CFO

Diego Kawas

Diego Kawas


Jazmin Gil

Edgar Ruesga

Head of Operations

Alan Torres

Alan Torres

Head of Design

Jorge de Buen

Jorge de Buen

Head of UX

Damián Gonzales

Jorge Vázquez

Head of Technology

Damián Gonzales

Lorena Orozco

Head of Sales

The values that
drive us

Values I go through

We elevate each other

We lift up our teammates and customers, celebrating each other's contributions and empowering each other to succeed through mentorship, motivation, empathy and positivity.

Always better than yesterday

We are passionate for progress, perpetually iterating and evolving together. We learn from our mistakes and push our boundaries every day by raising the bar towards excellence.

Extreme ownership

Through an owner's mindset, we take initiative, with passion and energy, to make our company better. We embrace ownership and accountability for ourselves, our projects and our team. We always do what we say we'll do.

Work together, win together

We are communicate actively and rely on each other to unlock our team's potential. We build trust through reliability, fostering an open, encouraging and supportive environment.  We challenge and  inspire each other to achieve great things.

Faster, better, smarter

We optimize our workflow by building upon our company's existing assets and embracing the agile mindset. We deliver excellent products, with the fastest time to market possible. We don't seek perfection, for it most likely means sacrificing speed.

We settle for nothing less than exceptional

We surpass expectations, every time. We wow every client and take pride in our work. Our deep passion, insatiable curiosity and attention to detail fuels us to create awesome products and deliver outstanding results.

We harness our power to design the future

We challenge ourselves to dream big and present audacious ideas. We harness the power of innovation, design and technology, to create digital products that can make a difference in our world.