UI design trends for 2023

Here are 5 of the trends that are coming with more force in this new year 2023 in the field of UI design.

People will continue to like the minimalist design, that is, the interface as simple as possible by eliminating all those elements that are unnecessary to make it pleasant, easy to use and navigate.

In addition, we may see virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) being used in user interfaces. This technology allows the user to interact with digital content in an immersive and realistic way, revolutionizing the way we use devices and software. Artificial intelligence (AI) will also begin to be used in a greater way, which will help improve the user experience, recommending useful information and assisting with tasks.

By 2025, user interface designs are expected to be more focused on accessibility, meaning that they can be used seamlessly for those with vision and mobility issues. This has started with more intuitive gestures in user interfaces. That is, making them more fluid and fun to use, such as swiping instead of clicking a button.

Trends indicate that future user interfaces will be simpler, more immersive, personal, accessible and natural. At bluepixel we make sure to follow the current trends, if you need help on any project contact us at to get a quote and wait for our next blog posts to learn more about it.