UX/UI Trends

Users use tons of websites daily, so it is necessary that our website adapts to the market and users' needs. Furthermore, these trends generate a big impact on basic concepts of user experience, such as usability, accessibility, navigation, user flows, etc… Remember, each pixel matters.

We want to show you some trends that started this year and will continue to be the main axis of digital platforms:

  • Login without passwords. Passwords are normally necessary in a login process but they can also be a problem when users need to use lowercase, uppercase, special characters, numbers, etc… it can generate frustration. New possibilities are emerging, for example, face authentication, PIN code or fingerprints.
  • UX Writing. The impact of UX Writing is higher. Companies have increased their conversion rate and customer engagement thanks to the implementation of changes in the way that they communicate the content.
  • Minimalism. Currently, people are surrounded by information. For this reason, minimalist design has been extremely welcomed, also because it helps to apply concepts like usability and accessibility.
  • Dark mode. Among the benefits of dark mode are: the reduction of the light level of the screen for the eyes; an attractive and different appearance from the existing themes; highlights the design elements; and saves battery usage of the monitors to a greater extent.
  • Air Gesture Control. Possibility to use the screen through gestures.
  • Immersive 3D elements. These elements are trendy because they increase the user engagement. That is possible thanks to the use of AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) technologies
  • Voice user interface. A new way to search for information easily.
  • Microinteractions. Small interactions that complement the user's navigation and make a more interactive experience. Some examples of these are animations, small videos, within others.
  • Augmented reality. Is not only used in the gaming world. Currently, augmented reality is very useful in telemedicine and online doctor consultations.
  • AI and automatization. The capacity of using the data to predict future behaviors is one of the most important technologies that we have, as it allows us to create customer platforms. For that reason, many companies are implementing this technology in its processes.
  • Data visualization. Aids users to understand complex information. This helps to convert your leads into clients.

To conclude, it is necessary to know an approximate of what is and will be the road of design and technology. This allows us to create projects and products adapted to the needs of the user and the market. Applying these trends requires specific knowledge, but being clear about what is needed, makes it easier to determine the way forward.

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